Mrs Russia Asia Pacific Global 2018 – Larisa Dubra

Mrs Russia Asia Pacific Global 2018 – Larisa Dubra

Full name – Larisa Dubra
Age – 53
Zodiac Sign – Lion
Hobbies: collecting elephants. If brings me an aesthetic delight and evokes a harmonious state of soul. An elephant is a symbol of luck.

Platform – One of the social reasons of my participation in this international contest is a desire to attract attention to keeping pets. I had a lovely cat called Lord. If had been living in my house for 19 years.We all adored our favorite pet because if provided an emotional psychological support for all of us, gave us a lot of joy-giving moments. I survived its death. Pets are an inseparable, essential part of our nature and our life. And the way we treat then or adopt stray dogs or cats speaks for itself. I want everybody to be kind, noble and and charitable towards pets, be responsible owners because it is not only beneficial for animals. It makes us better. It’s our moral duty – to take care of pets and treat them dearly. They love us for our mere existence, without an explanation as to why and we must pay them back. Only in this case we can justify our proud name – Human Beings.

1. Please tell us about yourself.

I’m Larisa Dubra From Russia. I was born in Novosibirsk ,in Siberia. I’m 53 years old. I have secondary and higher education. I graduated from the Institute of Light Industry in 1988. My profession is an engineer-technologist. However, later I was engaged in banking business. For 15 years I had been working as an HR-manager in two banks – ALFA-bank and VTB. I’ve got a family – a husband and a doughtier. My daughter is 31.

 2. Please tell us about your pageant history

Unfortunately, i have never taken part in such a gorgeous Beauty Contest. If is my first experience in general. I believe that my daring and exciting participation in Asia Pacific Beauty Pageant will be an experience to remember.

3. Who is your role model and why?

Jhere’s not much of exaggeration to say that my mother is an idol for me. She is very attractive, beautiful. She combines romantic features with an active, dynamic, strong-willed character. My mother is a perfectionist and if deserves admiration. Besides che is king-hearted, loving, faithful in relations and reliable. I highly appreciate her being supportive and understanding towards me.

4. Who inspired you to represent your country and compete in Mrs Asia Pacific Beauty Pageant 2018?

I was inspired to represent my country and compete in Mrs Asia Pasific Beauty Pageant 2018 by Yana Solovyova – director of 10 international beauty contest kids, miss, mrs, director FASHION MAMA AWARD in Siberia.

 5. what is the first thing you wish to do, if you win the top 5 main international title?

In case I win the First thing I mill do is taking part in charities. Then I would like to reveal myself in further projects connected with beauty industry. I also want to call up For women to Follow my example. If was very difficult to make up my mind to launch a challenge against my guilt comfortable li Fe at a mature age. I advise women not to be afraid, believe in themselves, overcome fears, uncertainty and try on new roles and images. Any dream has wings.

6.  What is the biggest challenge you face as a working woman today?

The biggest challenge I Face as a working woman is searching for a balance to be led and to lead, to combine Female qualities, preserve home and Family values and hare a career promotion at one and the same time.

7.  if you have the power to do anything you wished to improve the status of women in our country, what would you do? And why?

If I had the power to improve the women’s status in our country, I would like to reduce ideological and psychological division betiveen «masculine» and «womanly» missions. If a woman is knowledgeable, with high professional skills she should work as much as she wants. I suggest increased salaries or additional payments for the women, who successfully combine motherhood, domestic duties with their professional work because they make a double contribution to the society.



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