Mrs Nepal Asia Pacific Intercontinental 2018- Bindu Lama

Mrs Nepal Asia Pacific Intercontinental 2018- Bindu Lama

Age:30 years

Zodiac Sign:Pisces


Platform:Old aged home and Orphanage

Countries visited:Singapore,India

Likes:Visiting new places with family and reading books

Dislikes:I hate cheater and liars

  1. Please tell us about yourself.

I am Mrs Bindu Lama from diverse cultural country Nepal.I am Mother of  two kids and my kids are my heart. Nursing is my profession and had completed Nursing from Purwanchal University, Nepal. I had worked as nursing instructor for one year at Trishuli Medical Institute,Nepal and worked as a nurse in Department of Anaesthesia and Critical Care for four years at BP Koirala Institute  of Health Science,Nepal. Now I m planning to pursue higher degree in Nursing.

I’m humble,sincere and honest person.

2. Please tell us about your peagent history :   

For the first time I had participated in Mrs Himalayan Nepal 2018 with the love , support and help from my family and friends  and where I became first runner up  and won subtitle Mrs Intelligent.

3. Who is your role model and why? 

My role model is Mother Teresa.She had a beautiful heart and worked to eliminate the suffering of humanity and relieve the helpless from misery. I ‘m inspired from her .I like volunteering during my free time and help poor and needy.

4 . Who inspired you to represent your country and compete in Mrs Asia Pacific beauty peagent 2018?

I am inspired from Our nation’ s beauty queen Malvika Subba who is doing great in our country and Mrs Asia Pacific title itself . As this is international beauty peagent for married women where we can show our hidden talent as well as it is exciting, challenging and prestigious.

5. What is you first wish to do if you win the top 5 main international title?  

It would be my pleasure if I win the title.With the crown and title there comes the responsibility. If I win I will involve in social work to uplift  the life  of  underprivileged and marginalised people to bring change in society and country.


5. What is the biggest challenge you face as working women today?   

As a working women , it is difficult to balance between work and family life because of work hours and insufficient maternity leave.

With the grace of god,I have got supportive husband because of him I m able to continue my career.

6.If you have power to do anything you wished to improve the status of women in our country,what would you do and why? 

If I have the power to improve the status of women I will provide education and technical skill to women of marginalised and underprivileged community because skilled and educated women knows her right and perform her jobs properly and take care of herself without being reliant on anybody.

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