Mrs Nepal Asia Pacific Global 2018 – Goma Adhikari

Mrs Nepal Asia Pacific Global 2018 – Goma Adhikari
Name : Goma Adhikari
Age : 39 years
Zodiac : Sagittarius
Hobbies : Cooking, Traveling, Gardening
Platform : Old aged home and orphanages
Countries visited : India, Zaire Congo, Uganda.
Likes:  Shopping, Visiting new places , family gatherings,etc
Dislikes : Jealous and proudy people, negative thoughts.
1. Please tell us about yourself
    I am Mrs.Goma Adhikari from one of the most beautiful country Nepal. I have a small family with my husband and a son.I am a ex-Nepal army who is currently involving in Nepal Remedies Private limited as a post of board of director. I passed my +2 in 2002 A.D. Also, I am actively participating in social works as many as possible. This has now become my hobby ever since I realized it’s importance.I believe that truth is the most beautiful introduction of a human being.
2. Please tell us about your pageant history.
   Life is a lesson, whenever you get a chance to learn new things you will always  achieve something from it. 2 months ago ,I participated in Mrs.Himalayan Nepal
2018 which was organized by Amazon Entertainment. Everything was new to me since it was the first pageant that I attained. Slowly I discovered the better side of myself as I kept learning new things with different people building sisterhood and friendship with the people all over the country. Also ,I got to develop myself both mentally and spiritually.It  was influential for me to have won the title of Mrs. Himalayan Nepal including the title of Best Personality and Best Dress.
3. Who is your role model and why?
   Every person has a role model whom they look up to by positively influencing their life. One woman who has changed my outlook to the world and someone
whom I appreciate the most is Anuradha Koirala who is like a mother to thousands of children and a sister to unprivileged  women who are suffering from
commercial sexual exploitation now and then. Rescuing girls from sex slavery and fighting for their rights,  she has  established a non profit organisation -Maiti Nepal. She has also received CNN Hero award and Mother Teresa Award. Hence she’s someone I look up to as a feminist and a role model.
4. Who inspired you to represent your country and compete in Mrs. Asia pacific beauty pageant 2018?
   It has always been my dream to participate in beauty pageant. My husband  inspired me to compete in Mrs.Himalayan Nepal by supporting me in every step, first as a best friend and then as a husband. Also ,the directors of Amazon entertainment created a platform for me to showcase my inner talents and capacities by conducting such a fruitful competition between married women who got a beautiful chance to build up their capabilities by moving out from their criteria.
5. What is the first thing you wish to do if you win the top five main international title?
   If I win the title, my dream will be successful. As we know title welcomes responsibilities, therefore to accomplish the aim of the title I will do my
level best to fulfill all the responsibilities that come up to me. I would establish institution for women whose rights have been violated by creating an environment where they feel secured.
6.   What is the biggest challenge you face as  working women?
 As a working woman, the biggest challenge for me is to balance my personal and professional life. Since I was in army,it was difficult for me to focus on both
the things at the same time . I  had to give half of my time to my family and education,while half of it to my job. Rules were strict while being in army since I
couldn’t give time to my family whenever they needed. Out of all this, I was able to adjust myself and hence didn’t give up on anything .
7.  If you have the power to do anything you wished to improve the status of women in our country what would you do and why?
  If i had the power, I would uplift the socio-economic condition of women. I would provide them opportunities to build themselves and make themselves
dependent by utilizing their own skills.Hence,I would empower women by providing them equal rights in every sectors.

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