Mrs Malaysia Asia Pacific Tourism 2018 – Feniyy Wong Geok Lean

Mrs Malaysia Asia Pacific Tourism 2018 – Feniyy Wong Geok Lean

Full name: Feniyy Wong Geok Lean
Age: 37
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Hobbies: Reading, Dancing, Charity, Create beautiful arts thru foods.
•Platform: Empower women, especially single parent family women and the less fortunate.
Countries Visited: Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines,Thailand

likes: Things that motivates me to become a better person. Positive vibes and gaining new experiences.
Dislikes: Negativity

1) Please tell us about yourself.
•  I am a Chindian. Born and raised in multicultural country, Malaysia! An entrepreneur, part time model & a full time mom. Im married and blessed with one lovely daughter. My husband has always been an understanding and supportive one. He is my backbone and never fail to encourage me strive for the betterment. I have big ambitions to help those less fortunates and want to be someone outstanding.

For me being outstanding is to be optimistic. Optimism changes my world view, That’s why optimists sometimes have a less than a realistic view of the world. They see possibilities where pessimists see impossibilities. Because of this they strive for things that seem a stretch but do so with the faith that they can make it happen.

Our positive mindset helps us manifest our big dreams more often. The more positive we become, the more often we will find yourself excelling above our standard norms consistently which will make us outstanding.

To be outstanding we have to be generous with our praise, support, donations, help, information, skills, and expertise. Be generous with our love and appreciation. At our core, we should be a generous person. Express that generosity in every way possible, and we’ll discover as will those around us that we have an outstanding ability to share our gifts with others.
We shouldn’t settle for doing our best. Instead strive to be outstanding.

2) Please tell us about your pageant history.
•Mrs Malaysia Asia Pacific Tourism 2018(champion)
•Mrs Malaysia Globe(3rd runner up)
•AMN International Jewellery Queen(1st runner up)
•Mommy And Me Beauty Pageant(2nd runner up)
•Mrs Indian Tourism Malaysia(1st runner up)
•Mrs India Saree Queen (champion)

3) Who is your role model and why?
•For me a role model is someone who takes action and inspires others. Role models work constantly towards bettering themselves and set goals and focus on achieving them.

However, it’s not about the success but about the journey. No matter how many times they failed but still tries anyways. They look in the mirror and love themselves despite their flaws. They’ll never give up.

As for me my role model is Prof Tan Sri Dato Paduka Dr.FNG AH SENG, who is a renowned philanthropist, a self-made billionaire,a property development tycoon,a famous entrepreneur, an adjunct professor, a doctorate degree holder,an ex-military officer,an adventurer, a motivational speaker,a newspaper and magazine columnist,an author,a leadership training school principal and a dreamer.

He is a down to earth, humble, and kind person who teach people around him and practice the principles of LOYALTY, HONESTY, BENEVOLENCE, RIGHTEOUSNESS, POLITENESS, WISDOM, CREDIBILITY,and FILIAL PIETY. He is my role model because he possesses all the qualities that a role model should have according to me.

4) Who inspired you to represent your country and compete in Mrs Asia Pacific Beauty Pageant 2018?
•National Director Mrs worldwide/Mrs Asia Pacific, Dato Reiss Tiara inspired me to represent my country and take part in this beauty pageant.

She made me believe that this is a platform for me to know my own strengths and weaknesses. I may pride myself on being realistic about my expectations but contrary to what one might expect.

I am always aware of my potential and what I’m capable of and knowing exactly what I can do. She inspires and empowers me to work harder for it than I ever would just be relying purely on optimism.

5) what is the first thing you wish to do, if you win the top 5 main international title?
• It will be a blessing for me if I win the top 5 main international title. I’ll take this opportunity to make my crown as a broadcast tool to spread the messages of hope to the world especially to the less fortunate.

Moreover it is important to set myself as a good example for the whole community by showing them how a proper citizen should act and strive not only for themselves but on how to help the community to grow as well because a strong community is the building block of a strong country.

6) What is the biggest challenge you face as a working woman today?
•The biggest challenge I face as a working woman today is balancing between family and work. For many years, it was traditionally women who would put their careers on the backburner but as the predominating culture is changing both at work and at home, women and increasingly men are feeling more and more empowered to pursue a rewarding career while also supporting their partner’s and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

7) if you have the power to do anything you wished to improve the status of women in our country, what would you do? And why?
•If i have the power to do anything I wished to improve the status of women in our country, I’ll ensure women are treated right and with respect by improving their rights.

Women are only respected to a certain extend. Women in Malaysia are lacking equality in many aspects, however, it can be seen that there are more improvements and rights given towards women thus ensuring that all Malaysians regardless of gender are empowered to achieve their full potential.

Moreover, women are entitled to live with dignity and with freedom from want and from fear. I fully believe that education is the key to the economic empowerment of women. So I’ll ensure everyone gets the equal education.


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