Mrs Malaysia Asia Pacific Global 2018 – Dr Elisse Lim

Mrs Malaysia Asia Pacific Global 2018 – Dr Elisse Lim

Full name: Dr Elisse Lim Lee Ling (Malaysia)
age: 34
Zodiac Sign: Rat; Taurus
Hobbies: Yoga
Platform: Medicine
Countries Visited: Russia, Turkey, Greece, Budapest, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, UK, Ireland, France, Singapore, China, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, New Zealand
likes: Smile
Dislikes: Argument

1) Please tell us about yourself.
I’m a medical doctor by profession, specialising in aesthetic medicine, with great passion to make others life looking and feeling better. I believe this is a good platform for me to share and spread my professional knowledge and also to let everyone know that beauty can come with brain. My friend call me a work horse and I am have never shy myself away of doing the rough rides; speaking of which I hope I can learn to ride the horse one day as I think it’s a very empowering feeling to ride the horse.

2) Please tell us about your pageant history.
It was always my secret dream since I was the little girl every time I watch the beauty pageant contest in the TV, hoping one fine day I will get the opportunity to go on stage! Today, I am excited as I had made the biggest move in my life realising my childhood dream to take part in Mrs Asia Pacific by Lumiere International as my very first stepping stone. I sincerely wish that may this platform be the best beginning for my beauty journey..

3) Who is your role model and why?
My role model in life? My mum, I would say. This is because of what she had to overcome in life in order to achieve the level of success she is currently enjoying. She was a full-time housewife, and yet my biggest financial supports during my medical school life back in Russia. She saved penny-by-penny each day from her pocket money, depriving herself with new clothes, neither new cosmetics, nor expensive food, to make up a sum of RM1000 (256USD) for my monthly expense in Russia, for a consecutive of 6 years. For me, she is greatest reflection of selflessness on earth, proving to the world that giving is better than receiving. Today, she is blessed with good health enjoying fairly good quality of life.

4) Who inspired you to represent your country and compete in Mrs Asia Pacific Beauty Pageant 2018?
Inspiration of taking part in Mrs Asia Pacific Beauty Pageant 2018, comes from my beloved National Director – Dato Reiss Tiara. This beauty journey is the springboard for me to gain more confidence and to increase my professional networks. With this I am able to creat more opportunities for myself, and as well as others in future. I also like to spread the awareness that beauty is more than just at the eye of beholders!

5) what is the first thing you wish to do, if you win the top 5 main international title?
If I ace this international event, the very first thing I would like to do is to express my gratitude to everyone who make this a glory success to me! I promise to fulfill my responsibility to perfection. While doing so, I will strive to be a mirror to all the aspirants and those around me. I also felt very lucky because so many people helped me, and I hope in the future I can help more, especially children, to make those needed feel lucky as well.

6)What is the biggest challenge you face as a working woman today?
Women have always been the leader in various aspect of life. Be it at home or in the conventional man’s world, a woman has always perform task and taken up challenge equal to her counterpart. I constantly upgrade & equip myself with the latest & newest medical informations, in order to provide my patients the best and the most comprehensive treatment. With this, I have to continue my medical education by attending to different international conferences, online courses & sometimes, stay up in the middle of the night for lecture webcasting.

7) if you have the power to do anything you wished to improve the status of women in our country, what would you do? And why?
If am granted with this sacred power, I wish to organise campaigns and be the speaker promoting PEACE and SENSITIVITY as women are a personification of love and compassion. I am sure with the crown and title of Mrs International Asia Pacific, my voice will be heard and become the positive inspiration out there.

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