Mrs India Asia Pacific Cosmopolitan 2018 – Suparna Mukherjee

Mrs India Asia Pacific Cosmopolitan 2018 – Suparna Mukherjee

Full Name :  Suparna Mukherjee

Age : 42yrs

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Hobbies: Dancing, Astrology, Photography, Videography, Event Management, Networking

Platform :

Countries Visited :  United States of America , India

Likes:  Like to bring smile to the needy people, like to spend fun-times with my children, like to go movies, listen to music , like to mix with positive, encouraging and enthusiastic  people.

Dislikes:  I dislike hypocrisy, and negative minded people.

• Please tell us about  Yourself.

This is Suparna Mukherjee, 42yrs of age, with two children, from the land of West Bengal, the Sweetest part of India. Currently working as a Head of Academics and Development in a chain of Preschools, which keeps my passion and love alive,  for working with the Children. I believe they are our future hope, and leaders. I take great pride and pleasure in nurturing and nourishing these young minds, for the last 14 yrs of my life, in USA and in Indian schools, shaping their future, developing strong foundation, and making them ready to take on the challenges of the outside world with Confidence.

As a true woman of substance I try to balance my work and family with great diligence and at the same time, do not forget  to make my own dreams and aspirations come true. I truly believe that the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

About Myself, I am giving, courageous, positive, energetic and strong willed. My Talent as a Dancer helps me release my stress, my Determination as an Educator gives me the privilege to serve the society, my Confidence Empowers me to be a Strong woman, and my Compassion establishes and defines my connection with the Mankind.

I try to excel myself in every stage, by working on my strengths and weaknesses, by knowing the unknown, by observing as well.

I have done diploma in Public Relations and am a Montessori Trained Teacher, Psychology is one of my favourite subjects, and Astrology/Photography  my hobbies. Being  a confident, classy and compassionate individual, I try to take my life the way as it comes.

After my achievements last year, I am associated  with several organisations and activities, who is doing good work for uplifting the underprivileged women, orphan children, specially abled people,  mental awareness programs, Go Green movement and many more in my State West Bengal.

I always strive to carve a niche for myself, to make a difference to the world. So that when I am not here in this world, I can  still leave my mark/memory  in people’s minds, as a role model and an inspiration to many, who has been successful in doing her share in the contribution towards the global community development and make this world a better place to live in.

  • Please tell us about your pageant history.

I won my  first Winning title ever,  in a reality based show in Television,  called  “I AM MISS SHOPPINGMALL” in Kolkata , my city.

I have been fortunate enough in winning, 2 titles last year, when I represented my state “WEST BENGAL” in a National Platform. They are:

  • Who is your role model and why?

My role model has always been my mother. Today wherever I am in life, whatever achievements, I have received, its because of her full faith in my abilities, and in my thoughts and actions. She has always supported me to do such things, which will inspire others, and at the same time which will help me in getting peace and happiness in Life. I have learned from her how to face challenges in life strongly, how to stay positive,  and how to handle situations in a much matured way. I look upto her in every phase of my life, as she is the strongest pillar in my life.

  • Who inspired you to represent your country and compete in Mrs Asia Pacific Beauty Pageant 2018 ?

Inspiration of doing something to make a Difference in the world, has always been there in me. And by representing my country India , I will be able to project my Country INDIA , in such a big forum and at the same time, competing in this Mrs Asia Pacific Beauty Pageant 2018, is such an Honourable Opportunity , which I never wanted to miss.

Mrs ASIA PACIFIC Beauty Pageant, is a contest of international level which challenges an Indian lady to come out of her comfort zones and showcase her talents, knowledge, skills, on an International platform . With this, I am looking forward to make my country feel proud of my participation in this International Pageant.

  • What is the first thing you wish to do, if you win the top 5 main International  title ?

The first thing I wish to do, is to seek blessings from my mother, who has prayed for my success and would be awaiting to know the results and also those supporters who supported India and my abilities wholeheartedly, to get a position in such a prestigious International Platform.

Achieving main International Title, will definitely increase my responsibility manifolds. The honour, the pride, which I will bring to my country has to be properly maintained althrough. I would definitely, fulfill all the responsiblities which will be bestowed on me, and keep upto the expectations of the honour received.

  • What is the biggest challenge you face as a working women today ?

Challenges are everywhere. Pushing oneself out of their comfort zone and trying something new and good is the challenge that one can impose on himself. More challenges one faces in life, his achievements and memories increase manifolds.

There are quite a few common challenges, Women face in the workfront nowadays, powerplay, security reasons, work-life imbalance, sexual harassment, gender bias are the major ones.

For me, as of now, I have been fortunate enough not to face any severe challenges in my working platform till date. As I am a positive, compassionate and a social individual, I handle my situations, in much more matured way.

So I feel, instead of dreading the challenges if one learns to treat challenges as stepping stones of success they will hardly feel its magnitude. Women have to break the soft sweet image in order to succeed in their work endeavour. Being as fierce, stable and aggressive as a lioness and working towards her goals without any distraction makes a woman achieve her goal with precision.

  • If you have the power to do anything you wished to improve the status of women in our country, what would you do? and why ?

If I have the power to improve the status of women in India, I would try to  EDUCATE each and every one of them and INSPIRE them ,as I believe, if you educate a Man , u educate an individual, but if you educate a Woman, you educate the whole Nation.

Because through Female Education ,  the overall development outcomes is well established. We educate them about World, their rights, health and hygiene,  develop their sense of equality , help them gaining confidence not only in handling their child’s future , their own family life, their career plans,  their surroundings and actually help them raise their own Voice against any adverse situations and many more. With proper support, awareness programs, workshops, seminars, I want my country to achieve this complete women literacy.

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