Mrs Philippines Asia Pacific Global 2018 – Eurresse Limpangog Talisic -Misola

Mrs Philippines Asia Pacific Global 2018 – Eurresse Limpangog Talisic -Misola



AGE: 24

ZODIAC SIGN: Sagittarius

HOBBIES: cooking, painting, art works, adventure, sports(table tennis and motor ride) and gardening


    • Helping Hand for Homeless Seniors  (visiting nursing home residents/home for the aged)
    • Fighting Childhood Hunger and Basic Needs

I started this platform since before and will continue my advocacy until God permits me to do so.

COUNTRIES VISITED: none but I traveled around Philippines

LIKES: I like to see my things clean and organized at home and at work, I like people who are interested to learn and go further beyond their capacity

DISLIKES: I dislike negative vibes and people throwing blames and gossips to other people

1) Please tell us about yourself.

I’m a Mother, a PHd Business Administration Student, a college professor and an entrepreneur that seeks to find more opportunities in life and still developing myself to be the best mother I could be and a perfect wife to my soon to be legal husband in God’s time. All I want is to be responsible, loving, caring and to show my child the beauty of the world.

I’m a small and independent woman, but I have a big heart, bigger dreams and biggest love to show to my family and share it to the world. For all what I do is done with LOVE.

2) Please tell us about your pageant history

I tried once, I failed,

I tried again, I lose

I tried all over again and stood up, moved forward and never give up. for I know win or lose, I’m doing this to build a stronger ME, and yes, I made it!

I’ve joined pageants not just to win the crown, not for fame and not just because my mother wanted me to do so, but because I believe that this will help me face my fears; and that is the CROWD. It helped me build confidence and do limitless challenges. With all the titles I’ve garnered, the crowns, trophies and sashes collected since I was 13 years old until this time, are all because I believe in myself and women must have the power to surpass challenges.


3) Who is your role model and why?

My Mother is the reason why we never give up. She showed me and my 3 sisters the importance of life since I grew up with a Broken Family. She taught us to always put our hearts in whatever we do and think several times before we put it into action. Through hard times, trials, and our ups and downs in my family, she is the best Role Model that teaches us that these challenges are just the basic step to achieve our desired dreams and goals in life.

As my mother said “With determination, will and the desire to achieve your goals; be responsible in your actions and always find ways, because nothing is impossible with the help of God.”


Thank you to my International Director Madam Justina Quek for giving me this opportunity to fight, for never giving up on me and to shout out for women empowerment that “With great Power comes with great Responsibility”.

5) What is the first thing you wish to do, if you win the top 5 main international title?

If I will be given the opportunity to win one of the top 5 title, My first role is to become a Good Samaritan to some unfortunate people since I have been doing feeding programs, sharing used clothes and gift giving to street children, orphanage, mountain school barangays and to home for the aged since I was at college and until now. As a college professor, I teach my students these ways so they could feel the essence of kind-heart and friendship to those in need and would want to continue my advocacy.

I would also encourage women out there to join this pageant so they could have same opportunity that I will have. Likewise, I will be the aid to help promote Lumiere International in their endeavor to achieve their goals and to be part of the success of the company.  I am willing to take the responsibility and become an ambassador of Goodwill, a role model of faith and good works and lastly, an epitome of change- Symbolizing the will of God for each and every one of us.

6) What is the biggest challenge you face as a working woman today?

Work-life balance on children versus career: As life gets more expanded it’s very hard, both neurologically and psychologically, to keep that habit of perfection going, and to strive for excellence. But to achieve both is tough.

I considered myself lucky that I got the best of both worlds by working part-time in the career I loved(teaching) and staying home the rest of the time to be room mom, PHd student, research consultant and a hands-on mom and playmate. I may not be the perfect mother I want to be, but Im doing my very best to show care, love, attention and affection and willing to surrender my time, effort and strength to provide the best needs my child and husband would want. As a Mother, I am entitled to be responsible enough to do best what a mother needs to do.

I have 1 rule to consider. 1. “ when you become a mother, never forget that your already one.”

7) if you have the power to do anything you wished to improve the status of women in our country, what would you do? And why?

“I would give the women in my country “ 2 sets to improve:

First is Equality between women and men for it is a matter of human rights and a condition for social justice and is also a necessary and fundamental prerequisite for equality, development, peace, and a condition for people-centred sustainable development.

Second is the ability and the right to choose. The right to choose their lives, the right to choose what they want to do with their lives like their status,  and decisions in life.  And only then will they be individuals, not just mothers, daughters or wives, but individuals…thinking, living and a loving individuals.


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