Yana Solovyena

National Director for Mrs Russia Asia Pacific Global/Intercontinental/Tourism/Cosmopolitan/All Nation 2018

I have two higher educations: technical and economic. I have 10 years work experience of an Chief Operatig Officer (COO). I was engaged in the Company in strategic and project management. I managed the departments as IT department, department of personnel, procurement, sales support, marketing, management department and project office.

In 2017 participated in the All-Russian beauty contest for married women and entered the TOP-10 winners

I founded my own Holding “LeSol academy of Future by Yana Solovyeva”.

In LeSol Academy, I am the Founder and President.

There are several directions in the Academy:

1. Academy for children and adults (boys, girls, men and women) in unique disciplines, such as different etiquette, painting, art, acting and others;

2. Beauty contests for girls, Miss and Mrs. of the All-Russian scale with the aim of representing the country to Russia and its Regions at international competitions;

3. All-Russian Award for successful mums «Fashion mama awards in Siberia», where the award is given to women’s mothers in such areas as medicine, politics, sports, business, etc.   In free time I go to the gym, I can play the piano, I like to participate in photo shoot in different images.

I have a beloved family, a Husband and a Son who support me and help me.

Now I spend all time to the Academy and to the development of its directions. I am sure that the elite education of the Academy, the propaganda of Beauty and Talent of different ages of women, which I will conduct, will show and develop a healthy society!

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