Annie Refrea

National Director of Mrs Philippines Asia Pacific Tourism 2018

Company Profile

La Unica Events Management® at a Glance
La Unica Events Management® is a non-profit organization established in July 2016 by Ms. Roanne Refrea. Its chief objective is to design beauty pageants that would instill a stronger awareness and a wider understanding about the Philippine tourism industry. It also aims to provide a venue for young women to develop themselves to their fullest potentials. Currently, La Unica Events Management® owns and runs nationwide pageants—NAITAS Face of Tourism and Queen of the Philippines.

La Unica Events Management® is aimed at creating a platform that will involve young Filipinas in the task of creating a positive image for the Philippines, and becoming an ambassador for Philippine tourism. The search hopes to harness the energy, creativity and drive of young Filipinas everywhere to promote the beauty of the Philippines the world over and become a catalyst for meaningful change.

To look for the most ideal young Filipina to represent the Philippines and become an ambassador of tourism for the country.

To instill a deeper sense of pride in the country’s patrimony, natural attractions, culture, arts, history, customs and traditions.


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